Contact/Hire Us

If you are interested in having us at your event, we are happy to work with you! We work facilities, banquet halls, private parties and anonymous type conventions. 

Here are the ways to have us at your event:

1. Hire us directly and keep the profit: Our fee is $2.5 to 8K dependent upon the tour personnel configuration, night of the week and travel distance.

2. Provide us a rental hall or club that holds at least 200: We'll produce and promote a show in your community and keep the profit.

3. Invite us to a recovery event with a partial payment and we'll reduce cost to you with a portion of the ticket sales.

4. Invite us to your place by piggy backing one of our public appearance booked near your (Rehab, Jail, Halfway House, Meeting) facility. Possibly we can stop by if we have time for free.

Contact us here or via and we can start planning! 

* Service (ESH) work for an anonymous group or jail/prison is free if we are near your town, invited and have time. If you are a for profit or non-profit facility, we are happy to do business with you. Comedy perfromance or workshops at your facility are time intensive and there may be cost associated. Be clear with your requests for service or bookings!

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